The Journey to BWC

I began my career with an accounting qualification but I soon realised that I needed a more active and physical role in life. I made the decision to move from office boy to site labourer! I knew I had a passion for the building and construction industry, I then qualified as a gas safe plumber. 

For approximately five years I worked as a heating and plumbing engineer, completing many kitchen and bathroom renovations where I discovered a passion for design. I wasn’t content with only working on a small area of the building project, I felt I wanted to be involved in more. 

I wanted to be part of every aspect of the building project, so I started a project of my own. I bought a house and renovated it from top to bottom. I felt such a sense of accomplishment at the end of the project. I have gone from accountant to labourer, to plumber and now property developer. I had finally found my real passion, I just needed to get my family on board! It would mean moving from home to home many many times. Thankfully, I managed to convince them it would all be worth it in the long run. To this date my family and I have moved house at least once a year for over 10 years, each time moving to a building site and navigating day-to-day life around the constant construction and sadly having move out at the end of each project. 

I managed to seal an investment and began a development company specialising in high specification new build houses and renovations. Being the managing partner of the development company I found myself managing every single element from estimating through to project management, site management, completion and sale. 

Now the era of BWC begins

Ben Williams Consultancy Ltd  is a family run business with a friendly and approachable team, who will strive to run your project smoothly. From small interior renovations to building your dream home, Ben Williams Consultancy will be able to provide the best team for your build. With our expansive range of partners and a wealth of experience in the building industry Ben Williams Consultancy can manage your project from start to finish seamlessly, leaving you free to enjoy life.  


At Ben Williams Consultancy, Building Project Management is our area of expertise. Whether you are looking into an extension or a complete new build, BWC will connect you with the relevant experts, providing tailor made solutions and support services for all of your requirements. At BWC our clients interests are always our priority, working together with you and our partners to provide a service that we are proud of and you will feel is worth recommending.