Residential Project Management

Pre-construction Phase

Appointing and working with specialist professionals is key to the successful completion of your building project. Planning the overall specification during the early stages will enable us to price your project as accurately as possible. Coordinating a number of professionals on site can be overwhelming. BWC are extremely experienced in managing projects from start to finish so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Tendering your project

BWC have a database of builders who have worked with us on previous projects. We are confident that we can provide builders who are capable and committed to completing your project to the highest possible standard.

Once the tenders are returned BWC will review the pricing and perform value engineering on any areas of concern. Once an appraisal of each tender has been completed, an informed decision can be made on who is best appointed to your project.


Construction Phase

During the build we are able to offer the following services:

– Monitoring the progress of your project from start to finish with weekly site visits, ensuring your builder has everything they need for the project to progress efficiently.

– Controlling any variations that may occur during the build as well as ensuring the costs are fair.

– Monitoring the quality of workmanship throughout the project.

– Valuations and builder payments. All valuations are processed by BWC and are based on the progress of the project in line with the Schedule of Works. This ensures the client is only paying for work that has been completed and materials that are on site.

Completion Phase

During the final stages of the build when everything comes together:

– BWC will manage any snagging issues and quality control.

– Arrangement of the appropriate certification and sign off from building control.

– Final Account settlement, involving the release of any retention funds once the project has reached Practical Completion.